Volunteer Educator Evaluation-Question Preview

In order to provide the fullest feedback, the evaluation questions are listed below for your review before filling out the online form. Overall, the evaluation will not take too much time to complete. If you are providing instruction on more than one field trip, we request that you please fill out the Field Trip Information and Field Trip Evaluation sections following each trip.

For the Salmon Watch Program and Future Strategy sections, you will only need to complete these sections once.

It will be especially helpful to take a moment to look at the Future Strategy questions. While not mandatory, we hope that you will provide your comments to assist us in strengthening the Salmon Watch program and developing strategies to expand our offerings for both schools and the greater community.

Thank you again for your time, feedback and insights!

Field Trip Date
Field Trip Site
Field Trip Station

Did you see any salmon on your field trip? Yes No About how many?

How would you rate the teacher’s coordination and communication with you for this field trip?
Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor Comments:

Would you be willing to work with this teacher again in future years?
Yes No Maybe Comments:

How well-behaved and engaged were the students on this field trip?
Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor Comments:

Were you adequately prepared for your field station?
Yes No If not, why not?

Did you review and/or use any of the online Salmon Watch Resources?
Yes No How were they helpful, or not, for you?

How would you rate the field trip equipment kits and laminated resource materials?
Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor Comments:

What was your favorite field station activity?

If you could improve the overall field trip experience for Volunteer Educators, what would you suggest?

If you could improve the overall field trip experience for Students, what would you suggest?

How would you rate World Salmon Council’s coordination of this field trip (overall, working with staff, providing materials, communication – too much/too little; online forms, google doc field trip signup, etc)? Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor Comments/Suggestions for improvement:

Any additional comments on your experience:

Why do you volunteer with Salmon Watch?

What other organizations do you volunteer for and/or support?

Please select all Salmon Watch activities with which you might be willing to assist:
-Making an in-class presentation
-Providing career pathways information/presentation; internship opportunities
-Technical support for curriculum, activities, field study, projects
-Assisting teachers and students with designing, coordinating and/or implementing community service projects
-Write a letter of support on behalf of the Salmon Watch program
-Organizing, volunteering for special events
-Fundraising, including making prospect connections
-Outreach and publicity
-Serving on a Salmon Watch Steering Committee
-Serving on World Salmon Council’s Board of Directors
-Making a financial contribution

Do you have a specific community project or school in mind?

Other ways you might assist:

Please suggest other potential volunteers who might be interested in participating in Salmon Watch or with World Salmon Council (Name/Occupation-Affiliation/Email/Phone)

Demographic Data
World Salmon Council is collecting demographic information in order to better understand the diverse backgrounds of our volunteers. Answering any or all the personal questions below is entirely optional.

What is your age? (select from a range)

I identify my ethnicity as: (select all that apply)
Asian, Black/African, Caucasian, Hispanic/Latinix, Native American, Pacific Islander, Prefer not to answer, text box for write in answer

What is the highest level of school you have completed? (select from range)

To which gender identity do you most identify?

World Salmon Council is currently developing a new strategic approach for 2016-2018 (and beyond). Your input and feedback as we move forward is very valuable to us and greatly appreciated. Thank you!

When you think of Salmon Watch, what words, phrases come to mind?

Overall, what do you think Salmon Watch is accomplishing? Please be specific.

What parts of Salmon Watch do you think are most valuable?

What is distinctive about Salmon Watch as compared to other programs?

How should we better measure progress, success?

In what ways could Salmon Watch involve students beyond their curriculum/field trip/service project experience? Please provide specific details, as well as potential partners.

Cross-cutting themes: Are there other salmon/environmental/education-related activities that WSC should look at in terms of expanding either our offerings, or supporting other initiatives?

When you think of World Salmon Council, what words, phrases come to mind?

Do you know any avenues for engaging community colleges, universities, adult education in Salmon Watch? What specifically and how?

What new partnerships should we be looking to cultivate, and for what purposes? (nonprofits, public agencies, schools, educational/environmental organizations)

We’ll Know We’re Succeeding When …

“X” (the environment, education, children, communities, etc) Will Be Better Because …

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