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The World Salmon Council provides Salmon Watch programming for students in Portland and surrounding areas. The educational science stations on a Salmon Watch trip are traditionally taught by volunteer educators, but in the last few years, we have integrated new opportunities to provide paid teaching positions in partnership with youth-focused community organizations. These paid teaching positions are Student Educators.

In providing Student Educator positions, our goal is to increase access to environmental education and green spaces to people who have historically been excluded. We prioritize community partnerships with organizations providing enrichment services to youth and families from culturally diverse backgrounds.

We want to provide monetary compensation for youths’ time, support and training in the ecological story of salmon, hands-on leadership experience, and references and support for resumes or college applications. Our organization feels that this is a meaningful way to support local youth, provide mentorship and leadership opportunities, and teach youth that there are meaningful job opportunities in conservation, ecology and education.

It is our hope to use the Student Educator program to inspire the next generation of environmental stewards.

Interested in getting involved as a partner organization? Please learn more about our program below and fill out the interest form at the bottom of the page.

Our Intentions

  • Foster inclusive access to youth groups who have been historically excluded.
  • Provide mentorship, leadership and college/career development. 
  • Inspire stewardship in ecology, education and outdoor leadership. 
  • Provide meaningful monetary compensation for students’ time, knowledge and talent teaching in the field. 
  • Intentionally try to match Student Educators with participants that create a comfortable and representative environment.

Expectations of Student Educators

  • Attend two (paid) training sessions to prepare for field trips.
  • Work with their student group coordinators to schedule and attend at least one field trip. 
  • Minimum 18hr time commitment (two trainings, one field trip) with the opportunity to attend multiple trips.
  • Lead one of the four educational field stations on a Salmon Watch trip: macroinvertebrate identification, riparian ecology, salmon biology, or water quality testing.
  • Work with other Student Educators to train and prepare for Salmon Watch events.

Expectations of Partner Coordinators

  • Recruit high school to college aged students that might be interested in this position, acting as a liaison between them and the World Salmon Council.
    • Please note: Partner organizations act as the main point of contact for students. World Salmon Council staff will not have individual lines of communication with Student Educators.
  • Join the training session with Student Educators to provide additional support as they learn to lead Salmon Watch stations. Help prepare them for field trips and, if necessary, attend their first field trip with them to ensure they have everything they need to be successful. You are advocates for the Student Educators!
  • Work with World Salmon Council staff to arrange transportation.

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