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Subject/s Taught

In the Classroom

How many of your students receive classroom instruction using Salmon Watch materials?

How do you integrate Salmon Watch into your classroom instruction? Do you use the materials in a specific unit, within a semester/term, or throughout the year? (please be specific)

How easy is it to integrate Salmon Watch into your classroom instruction?

Are the Salmon Watch materials (curriculum, activity guides, etc.) grade appropriate for your class?

If not, please give specific examples of how they don’t meet needs of your grade level.

Are there gaps in the curriculum that need to be addressed in the future? Yes/No

If yes, please list specific gaps and any ideas on how we can close those gaps.

Specifically, do you have suggestions for updating the Salmon Watch curriculum to address climate change?

Do you or have you used other environmental education curriculum/materials in your classroom?

If yes, please list. How does Salmon Watch compare to those materials?

Do you have any overall suggestions/feedback on how we can help you better meet educational goals, fulfill school directives, teach to different cultural backgrounds and learning styles, etc.?

In January, we’ll begin the next phase of updating the curriculum, lessons and activities. If you’d like to have an advisory role in this process, please check YES and we’ll contact you. Our goal is to collect input at a few points over the next six months.

Field Trip

How many of your students participated in a field trip?

Is it mandatory or optional for your students to attend a field trip?

How do you make that determination? And if optional, how do you select which students participate?

How would you rate World Salmon Council’s coordination of this field trip (overall, working with staff, providing materials, communication – too much/too little; online forms, Google doc field trip sign-up, etc)?
Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor


Did the field trip equipment exchange work for you (location, hours, other)? Yes/No


Did your Salmon Biology station have a salmon carcass?

How would you rate the overall performance of your volunteer educators?
Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor

Did anything stand out about any volunteer that you would like to share?

Was there anything you would have liked to know about the field trip that wasn’t communicated to you in advance?

If you could improve the overall field trip experience (for students, teachers, volunteers), what would you suggest?

Any additional comments on your experience:

Projects/Additional Feedback

Are you planning a Salmon Watch Community Service Project? Yes/Maybe/No

Remember: World Salmon Council can help you design and coordinate your project. We also have willing volunteers, including high school students who can help middle school students with a project. Let us know!

How would you rate the online Salmon Watch Resources?

Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor

Were they helpful or not for you?

Do you have any suggestions for improving how we communicate that would make it easier for you? (frequency, amount of information per email, more info online, provide a checklist, etc.)

Overall, what do you think Salmon Watch is accomplishing? Please be specific.

What parts of Salmon Watch do you think are most valuable, and why?

What is distinctive about Salmon Watch as compared to other environmental education programs?

How should we better measure progress, success?

In what ways could Salmon Watch involve students beyond their curriculum/field trip/service project experience? Please provide specific details, as well as potential partners.

Do you want to participate in Salmon Watch 2017-2018 school year? (application available March/April) Yes/Maybe/No

Do you know any teachers and/or schools that might be interested in participating in Salmon Watch next year? If so, please list them below.

Would you be willing to write a letter of support on behalf of Salmon Watch? Yes/No

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