Teacher Application: Salmon Watch 2018-19 School Year

World Salmon Council is excited to announce that the application to participate in the Salmon Watch program for the 2018-19 school year is now available!

Participation in Salmon Watch includes one fall field trip, access to our online, multi-disciplinary NGSS and CCSS aligned curriculum, and support for a service learning project.

There is a $40 program fee per field trip required to participate. World Salmon Council is able to reimburse field trip costs related to buses and substitute teachers for public schools.

In order to ensure that we collect all new information and have your most up-to-date contacts, we ask both new and returning teachers to complete the application to be considered for participation.

Training Sessions
New teachers to Salmon Watch are required to attend a half-day training session in August or September, with time/date/location TBD. There is a question in the application to survey your date preference.

The Salmon Watch curriculum is now available in a new, user-friendly online interface! We have also updated the NGSS and Common Core standards correlations at the top of each unit. You can view the new, online Table of Contents HERE.

Field Trips
Field trips run September-November. As with last season, teachers will be allowed to take multiple classes on field trips. We are committed to keeping the 7-9 students per station instructor ratio. The application has a section to indicate your interest in taking multiple field trips. Each additional field trip will incur an additional $40 program fee.

Note: Multiple classes and field trips are not guaranteed. After reviewing all applications we will follow up with you and determine how many multiple trips we can offer, as well as begin the process of scheduling your trip(s). The final schedule will be completed by June.

Salmon Watch Projects
All participating Salmon Watch classrooms are required to complete a project to apply learning from the curriculum and field trip. This can be any project that helps cultivate students’ sense of ecological stewardship and perception of their own ability to make a positive impact on the world around them.

A project can be as simple as having your students give a presentation about the salmon life cycle to their classmates, or it could be as elaborate as engaging in watershed restoration efforts.

We have a variety of resources we can offer you if you wish to pursue a more elaborate service learning project. Please begin considering what project you would like to do and contact Rachel Walsh, program director, if assistance is desired: rachel (at) worldsalmoncouncil (dot) org.

Program Fees
There is a $40 program fee per teacher to participate in Salmon Watch. This includes access to curriculum and materials, planning for one field trip, and coordination support for a service learning project. Additional field trips will incur a $40 fee per trip. Program fees are due September 30, 2018.

Field Trip Reimbursement
World Salmon Council is able to provide reimbursement funding to cover field trip expenses related to bus transportation and substitute teachers for public schools. Funds are limited and reimbursement amounts will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Funds offered will be a set amount that you may allocate as needed depending on your costs and number of trips taken. We strongly encourage you to explore other reimbursement options.

The 2018-19 Teacher Application Form can be found HERE.

To aid you in completing your application, especially if you have questions regarding the Salmon Watch curriculum, we encourage you to visit our Salmon Watch Resources Page which includes links to the curriculum, field station activity guides, and more.

Also, to get a sense of Salmon Watch teacher responsibilities and timeline, you can review the Teacher Task Checklist 2017-18 and Salmon Watch Teacher Timeline.
Once you successfully submit your application form, a confirmation will be sent to the work email address you provide.

If you have any questions, please email Rachel Walsh, Program Director.

Thank you for your commitment to providing hands-on outdoor learning experiences to your students!


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